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Name: Joy Klan
Date: 01/09/2017
Message: Charlie I love your new website! This is exactly what we need to be informed! You are such a genius! Congratulations on a job well done! Joy

Name: Ben Donahower
Date: 03/19/2012
Message: I happened across your website while looking for some speaking resources. I'm in Toastmaster's and now that I have completed my CC manual will be trying out some speeches in campaigns and elections in hopes of better promoting my yard signs website:

Name: Joseph Martin
Date: 08/23/2011
Message: Connecting the Dots Communist Takeover Like the president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of congress, do not have to go through a background investigation in order to get a security clearance even if they may have controversial backgrounds and associations by virtue of the fact that they get elected to high office in Washington, D.C.. Nancy Pelosi's Controversial Marxist Connection The Communist Party USA operates covertly under the umbrella of the Democratic and Republican parties. Sarah Palin Donald Trump split a pepperoni pizza at Famous Famiglia in Times Square Crime, Corruption, and Mitt Romney Democrats Thank Romney for Health Care Legislation MASSACHUSETTS GOING BANKRUPT OVER HEALTHCARE More on Mitt Romney Rick Perry Rick Perry: Busted! Cronyism, Cash and Crime Gov. Rick Perry is a CRIME BOSS! More on Rick Perry Federal Income Tax is Illegal or

Name: Regina Scott
Date: 01/24/2010
Message: Wonderful concept and certainly needed in our middle schools through college to prepare the next generation of politicians. Would love to see probono opportunities for our children and young adults.

Name: Charles Fellingham
Date: 01/08/2010
Message: Social Media assessment

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