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One or Two Day 'Develop Your Political Presence' Courses
Learn to develop and deliver a political presence that tells your constituents that you're their advocate!

Expect to be stretched in a professional and positive way but aggressively enough to promote positive change

and improvement in style and content.  You will be pleased with the result.

Course Objectives
Course Objectives
  1. Demonstrate Leadership through Public Speaking Mastery
  2. Build Trust with your Audience
  3. Communicate a compelling case and persuade your audience
  4. Win all your debates, or at least claim victory
  5. Feed the Lion – How to handle the Media with confidence and turn that ‘gotcha’ moment into a win.

The facilitators of this seminar are seasoned coaching professionals in the field of public speaking.

Each has skills and experience in bringing out the best speaker in all of us.

Plus, each has years of experience in the political world, on both sides of the aisle, either as a coach or candidate.

Course Methodology
Course Methodology

“Meet and Greet” Developing your charisma

“Announcing My Candidacy” Making the case and rallying the team.

“Communicating a Position” – Learning to be concise, credible, and powerful.

“The Great Speeches” – Building vocal Dynamics, facial expression, animation

“Debate to win” – Being credible, persuasive, and impenetrable.

“The Media Grinder”, Handling heat and pressure with style and ease.

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